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Our pets are amongst the most important parts of our life so it is no wonder we want reminders of them with us always.

Neat & New offers beautiful products for pet lovers everywhere to remind us of our little treasures.

I am an American who has been living in Italy since 2002.  I am an Artist, Photographer and animal lover. I decided to combine these and I started my first business offering pet lover designs in 2005, Cherished Photo Keepsakes.  After many years and thousands of happy clients, I decided in addition to create Neat & New to offer a wider variety of items to pet lovers everywhere. I am proud to offer these adorable pet lover designs to keep reminders of your four-legged treasure with you in all aspects of your life.  Our pets are so important to us that we can never have enough of them!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m concerned the last time I ordered from another country it was a scam how do I know you are legit

    1. Hi, I can understand your concerns. You can see my reviews on my Etsy store. You can also order from my Etsy store if you feel more comfortable with that. https://www.etsy.com/shop/CherishedPhotoGift

  2. I’ve ordered from Cherished Photo Keepsakes – my delivery arrived stateside on time but was delayed in customs. Once they released it, I received it in a few days and loved each of the four pieces I ordered. I am considering ordering a quilt now. My only suggestion is to allow extra time for gifts because of the lag time in customs.

    1. A delay can happen in customs, especially during the Holiday season. However, we list a low value so there are no duties and a delay is not common outside the backup of the Holiday season.

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