Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive.

Q)  How is the Photo Quilted Blanket made?


I have created beautiful designs inspired by patchwork quilts.  I crop, color correct and arrange your photos then email you a mockup. Then your personalized photo quilts are handmade to order by my production partner. We use a specialist printing process that fuses the ink to the cotton fibers, so your designs won’t scratch off or peel away. It is like dyed fabric. The print is striking, with an almost HD finish. We print your designs onto a piece of Kona Cotton fabric. Thick, sumptuous padding is inserted before the printed top and the backing are hand sewn together with mitred corners (to create the border), so your photo quilts are a real example of artisan craftsmanship.


Q)  Does my photo quilted blanket, pillow cover, hooded blanket etc. need special care?

A)  No, not really.  They can all be machine washed on cold, and for extra care you can use the delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat, Avoid direct heat, Do not use bleach. The design is printed into the fabric and is very resistant. In order to keep the color fresh, It is better to add salt to the water for your first washing.


Q) What material  are the Photo Quilted Blankets made of?

A)  Each of Neat & New’s Quilted Blankets is made of Kona Cotton – which is 100% combed, premium quilting weight cotton fabric. We also mix it with a small percentage of microfiber to bring the soft, smooth, beautiful-to-the-touch final quilt.


Q) Is the photo quilted blanket, pillow cases, hooded blanket, etc. handmade?

A)  These are printed quilted blankets, not patchwork quilts.  They are machine made to a very good quality and many of my exclusive designs have the appearance of a patchwork quilt.  The design is printed into the fabric and bonds with the fiber and is very durable. It’s similar to dyeing but many colors are used instead of just one.  I can create the graphic for the print any way you want.


Q)  What aspects of the photo quilted blanket, tapestry, hooded blanket etc can be customized or changed?

A)  Really most every part can be changed to your liking. Since these are printed, I can create and change the graphic to be just the way you want it.


Q)  Are photos from my phone good enough for my custom photo items?

A)  Yes, they usually are.  If a photo is not good enough, I will request another.


Q)  What if I am not sure if my photos are good enough quality to use for a photo design?

A)  If you are unsure, you can email me your photos to dazaccheo@aol.com and I can take a look and let you know. But don’t worry too much as most photos work and if not I will ask for another or give you a full refund.  You can order with confidence.


Q)  How many photos do I need to upload or email for the photo collage style designs?

A)  The number of photos on the photo collage designs mostly depends on how each individual photo needs to be cropped and if you want any text squares. There are 11 places for photos, but often a photo is best cropped in a manner that takes 2 spaces. 8 photos is usually the right number.


Q)  Do I get to see what my custom photo design will look like before you make it?

A)  Yes, once you order, I create a mockup for you to approve or make changes.


Q)  How does the ordering process work?

A)  It’s really easy!  You just need to order the design you like and either upload your photos with your order or email them to me later.  I then prepare a mockup for you to approve or make changes.  That’s it!  Then your beautiful photo item will be delivered to your door in about 4 weeks.


Q)  Can you do a mockup for me before I order so I can see if I will like it?

A)  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I do not do mockups until you have ordered.  The graphic design process is very time consuming and intricate. However, I do promise an immediate full refund if you do not like the mockup and I cannot change it to make you happy.


Q)  What is the Custom Photo Quilted Blanket pricing & sizes?

A) Please note that there is a currency converter at the top of the website so you can change to your currency.

  • lap quilt/kids size:  $60 usd
  • throw blanket size: $65
  • US twin: $70 usd
  • US full:  $80 usd
  • US queen: $85 usd
  • US king:  $90
  • US super king:  $95 usd

Lap Quilt/Wall Hanging/Kids Size: Quilt Blanket 38″x44″(96x114cm)

Throw Quilt: Quilt Blanket 44″x59″ (110x150cm)

US Twin: Quilt Blanket 59″x80″(150x203cm)

US Full : Quilt Blanket 70″x80″(178x203cm)

US Queen : Quilt Blanket 80″x90″(203x228cm)

US King : Quilt Blanket 90″x102″(230x260cm)

US Super King: Quilt Blanket 90″x110″(230x280cm)

My production partner is in China.  They are nowhere near the area affected by the coronavirus but are extending their holiday as a precautionary measure. I am in the process of finding out right now how long the delay will be.
I have done research on items shipped from China and they are not a risk as the virus cannot live outside a living being for more than 24 hours.  I myself am continuing to order from China.  Please keep in mind that most everything is produced in China nowadays from iPhones to Nikes, so many things that you purchase at any store may have just got off a boat or plane from China.


Photo quilted blanket

If you’d love your very own patchwork style quilt but don’t have to time or materials to make one, design your own here for a quicker, easier and modern alternative. You can print a photo collage to look like pictures sewn together, or keep it classic with squares featuring a different pattern in a mismatch order.

Photo quilts of our beloved pets, past and present

Our pets are such an important part of our lives that a cuddly quilt with with all their photos just makes sense.  It will not only brighten our decor, but also our day and bring a smile each time we snuggle in bed or on the couch with this keepsake quilt.

Photo quilts for Christenings

Create a gorgeous satin quilt in the cot size for your baby’s Christening. This can be the blanket you hold them in whilst they’re receiving the blessing. Not only is going to look great in all the pictures but it doubles up as a sentimental keepsake. When your children grow up, you can pass their photo quilts onto them to pass down to their babies.

Holiday photo quilt

Get your photos together from all the best holidays away and make a novel memory quilt. As you snuggle up in bed or on the couch, you can reminisce of places far away, and it might inspire you to start planning your next adventure.

Memory photo quilts for Dementia and Alzheimer

We discovered from our customers that this product has been a great help and comfort to families with family members having dementia, because the memories, printed as larger scale photos, help prompt them to recall events and family members.

Create an Heirloom quilt

These precious heirloom quilts are so amazing and superior in quality. Not only can they portray the family, like a family tree quilt, but they are also perfect for handing down the family. The long-lasting print and exceptional construction mean they can last for generations.