Each EXCLUSIVE design created with YOUR photos from only $65, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!

Personalized Photo Quilt, Tulips


  • It’s so EASY to get your personalized Photo Collage Quilt featuring YOUR favorite photos!
    Just upload your photo/s and I do the rest! 📷
    I will email you a mock-up for your approval 👍
    Your special photo blanket/quilt will arrive to your door 
  • These are a beautiful a practical keepsake that will brighten any room!
  • 8 to 10 photos are needed for the photo collage style quilts.
  • You can email me your photos after you order if that works better for you. My email will be in your order confirmation email.

Name or text for text square.

Photo Upload, PLEASE NOTE: when you add to cart, it takes a while as the photos are uploading to your order. Please be patient. You can also email your photos to dazaccheo@aol.com

(max file size 512 MB)

(max file size 512 MB)

(max file size 512 MB)

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(max file size 512 MB)


Why a Neat & New Quilted Blanket?

As an Artist, I have created what I think are beautiful and unique quilt designs to showcase your special photos in a worthy keepsake.

As a Photographer, I crop and color correct each of your photos with great care and layout your photo quilted blanket.

Once you approve the mock-up I email you, your carefully crafted custom design is then given to my production partner who prints, cuts and sews your quilted blanket with great care. I am sure you will cherish your finished custom photo quilted blanket!

How Does the Process Work?

It’s so easy to get your personalized photo quilted blanket! Just upload your photos with your order and I will email you a mock-up. You can also email your photos to me at dazaccheo@aol.com.

I will crop and make any necessary adjustments and set your photo on the quilt in the center of the text saying:

I can change the text to your preference, it just needs to fit the available space.

Your design is printed directly into the fabric of the custom quilted blanket for long-lasting beauty.  It is similar to dyeing. It is not an overlay and does not wear off. They also wash up great in the wash machine!

As each is custom made for you, the total turnaround time is about 4 weeks.

What Sizes are Available?

Lap Quilt/Kids Size: Quilt Blanket 38″x 44″ (96x114cm)

Throw Quilt: Quilt Blanket 44″x50″ (110x130cm)

US Twin: Quilt Blanket 59″x80″(150x203cm)

US Full : Quilt Blanket 70″x80″(178x203cm)

US Queen : Quilt Blanket 80″x90″(203x228cm)

US King : Quilt Blanket 90″x102″(230x260cm)

US Super King: Quilt Blanket 90″x110″(230x280cm)

The Fabric:

Each of Neat&New’s Quilted Blankets is made of Kona Cotton – which is 100% combed, premium quilting weight cotton fabric. We also mix it with a small percentage of microfiber to bring the soft, smooth, beautiful-to-the-touch final quilt that is wrinkle resistant.  Please note that the back of the quilt and edge is a warm gray.

Easy Care:

If you own a dog or a cat? Don’t worry because it’s so easy to keep the quilt clean.

Easy Care: Machine washes cold, tumble dry on low heat, Avoid direct heat, Do not use bleach. In order to keep the color fresh, It is better to add salt to the water for your first washing.


How We Make It


Personalized photo quilts are handmade to order. We use a specialist printing process that fuses the ink to the cotton fibers, so your designs won’t scratch off or peel away. It is like dyeing the fabric. The print is striking, with an almost HD finish. The quilt is soft, cuddly and extremely durable!

We print your designs onto a piece of Kona Cotton fabric using our special printing technique. Thick, sumptuous padding is inserted before the printed top and the backing are sewn together with mitred corners (to create the border), so your photo quilts are a real example of beautiful craftsmanship.


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